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From 22.06. to 29.06. in Bulgaria held its 8th International Camp of Kyokushin Karate in Kamchiya with participation of Fuku-Kancho Tsuyoshi Hiroshige and Japanese instructors Shihan Masahiro Kaneko, Shihan Hirokazu Koga, Shihan Masahide Ishijima, Shihan Hirokazu Koga and Sensei Yuta Inoue. From host organization Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation participated Sensei Nikolay Rachev – Country Representative of Kyokushin-kan, Sensei Stoyan Dimov – Branch Chief, and Sensei Asen Asenov.

In the International camp  over 600 competitors and coaches from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Serbia and Bulgaria took part.

There were two trainings each day for all participants. Аll fighters from different national teams were training together separated by the other groups.

“Our fighters are in great physical shape,” said Sensei Nikolay Rachev – but Fuku-Kancho Hiroshige focused over technical elements which are very important for mastery in Kyokushin.”

At the end of the Summer camp over 400 participants took part in kyu/dan promotion test. Like every year the camp was successful and all fighters were satisfied from their participation.

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