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There was some change to the composition of our Technical Committee chart this week since Sensei Omar Campora in Florida added a 5th member to his team, and Sensei Callahan in California replaced on of his team members for one who wasn’t going to be able to participate. If you haven’t seen it yet, please be sure to see the material posted last week when we filmed instructional videos at Sensei Callahan’s dojo in California rather than my own in North Carolina. Still Shihan Petrovich tells me to leave his name on this chart (Thank you Shihan!) but there is some difficulty forming the team. We know that Shihan Ray Cormier’s one-match fights are coming up at the end of this month. Although there were minor changes, this chart is unchanged from last week:



Lesson 6 Taikyoku Kata with Tonfa and Sai

We have all seen the tonfa and sai kata on the Kyokushin-Kan video tapes, but remember the purpose of this training is to introduce supporting material from the seminars that are NOT on the videos. In our technical committee we should aspire to practice exercises in which we learn a foundation for grasping a deeper meaning of the techniques, so that once we practice the kata the motions actually mean something. Remember that memorizing kata from a video tape is the same as the Kyokushin model from before Kyokushin-Kan when fighting was fighting and kata was something different, a dance that we practiced to pass our tests. Kyokushin-Kan’s philosopy is to practice them in a way that they are complementary, not redundant: The study of kata supports fighting, the study of fighting supports kata.


Lesson 6 Supplemental: The Importance of Self Training at the Instructors’ Level

This is a supplemental section discussing the importance of keeping up with our training as we age, mostly, but also, here is a lot of detail about that element of Kyokushin-Kan’s philosophy that we practice least in our technical committee trainings. The importance of training with hard striking surfaces (makiwara and sand bag) was stressed earlier but we have yet to incorporate this training into the technical committee trainings for lack of eqipment. Yet, please watch below, to gain further insight into what Kancho Royama and Kyokushin-Kan is teaching.


Lesson 6 What have you got so far?

Well, if you’re working on this Tech Committee material, so far you’ve got:

1. Taikyoku 1 in Detail (lesson 4)

2. “How to train” all kata, and a recommendation that you pick up particularly Sanchin and Naifanchin (and I’ll explain more detail here in the future) (lesson 2 and 4)

3. 15 or 20 minutes of basic Ikken practice. (lesson 2)

4. A white-belt level introduction to head-punches and drills to create those necessary reflexes to defend from head punches. (lesson 2)

5. An introduction to Kyokushin-Kan’s weapons philosophy. (lesson 3)

6. Basic, white-belt level, introduction to tonfa kumite drills. (lesson 3)

7. And Bo Kihon in Detail (lesson 5)

9. And NEW Taikyoku Kata with Sai and Tonfa. (lesson 6)

Please practice this material, also BO KUMI will be forth coming. If you are familiar with the movements it will be easier to learn later.


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