Ligo Dojo Blog — 08 September 2013

This week was an exciting week for our technical committee since I was actually able to train with Sensei Tom Callanhan’s new technical committee team in LA, and the instructional video was filmed with HIS students rather than mine. Additionally Amy ran our team class at home in North Carolina, and Sensei Omar had his second technical committee team training. So we actually had 3 groups working on the same material in three different states. Additionally Shihan Petrovich told me to add his name to our chart of members, but he is yet to identify his team members.

As of now our tech committee in the US looks like this:


Although the instructional focus of this lesson is kihon with the bo staff (see below), here are 3 short clips just showing Sensei Callahan’s technical committee team practicing exercises (3 of them) introduced by the technical committee lessons online. This is their first meeting, but I hope that those who have not yet begun can see that from the videos you any group can begin right away. Remember that I tell my students that I formed MY team so that I could learn new material as well right along with my students. It’s not necessary for the instructor to know the material because our instructors already know Kyokushin. It’s just supplemental material that we can all practice, and therefore learn in detail through practice.

Lesson 5 Bo Kihon in Detail

We have all seen the bo kata and bo kumite exercises on the Kyokushin-Kan video tapes, but remember the purpose of this training is to introduce supporting material from the seminars that are NOT on the videos. Okazaki Shihan told us in the Seminar to go back to your countries and practice 5 basic motions of Bo Kihon, which he taught us. “It’s makes little sense to practice the kata without first practicing the kihon,” he said. So, here is the kihon that he introduced.


Lesson 5 What have you got so far?

Well, if you’re working on this Tech Committee material, so far you’ve got:

1. Taikyoku 1 in Detail (lesson 4)

2. “How to train” all kata, and a recommendation that you pick up particularly Sanchin and Naifanchin (and I’ll explain more detail here in the future) (lesson 2 and 4)

3. 15 or 20 minutes of basic Ikken practice. (lesson 2)

4. A white-belt level introduction to head-punches and drills to create those necessary reflexes to defend from head punches. (lesson 2)

5. An introduction to Kyokushin-Kan’s weapons philosophy. (lesson 3)

6. Basic, white-belt level, introduction to tonfa kumite drills. (lesson 3)

7. And NEW Bo Kihon in Detail (lesson 5)

Please practice this material, also BO KUMI will be forth coming. If you are familiar with the movements it will be easier to learn later.


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