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ligodojotech2Lesson 2 Training Kata: How To

You will note in the video below that I tell you how to practice kata, but that I also say that I WILL tell you in a later clip specific points regarding Taikyoku 1. We ran out of time today, however, so I only covered “how to train kata”, i.e. in general, before moving on to face punches and ikken (below). You will see what I’m talking about as you watch.

You will note that the students do taikyoku-1 four times without interruption, you will hear from the camera person’s heavy breathing that they were working very hard, and you will note that, as their instructor, I let them go through their training in a very strict atmosphere, interrupting only to criticize one out-of-place behavior during 4 kata. If I hadn’t been filming, I would have been doing the kata with the students. However, like this, I do of course step out and watch sometimes so that I can identify what needs to be improved.

Beginning with your first (or second) tech committee training, you might do these same four reps with sanchin also, or with pinan-1, or with naifanchin. The point here is not how to do a specific kata, it’s how to do kata training in general in the technical committee class. Of course you might do 10 reps, and another time 2. The point is to please keep the training very serious and distraction free from “yoi” to “yasume”. If you then need to teach students how to do the kata better, break off from the training, tell you students that that’s what you’re doing, and then explain (teach) what needs to be taught, before resuming with another round of kata training.

Language Note:

Respond “Osu, Onegaishimasu!” when beginning an exercise (your instructor has just said, “(kata) no keiko o hajimemasu!”) and answer “Osu, Arigatou Gozaimashita!” when an exercise is over (your instructor has just said, “( kata) no keiko o owarimashita.”)

Teacher: “We begin _____training!”

Student: “Osu! Please extend this favor to me.

Teacher: “We now complete _____training!”

Student: “Osu! Thank you for the guidance you’ve given me!”

Lesson 2 Drills for Face Punch Defense Offense

I’ve given you here 6 head-punch defense drills. Watch the videos and imitate. If there are four of you, I recommend that you do each of 6 drills with each partner that you have for one minute. So if you do drill #1 for one minute and then rotate partners, and then one minute with the next partner, and one with the final partner, you will have done drill #1 for 3 minutes. Then go on and do drill #2. If you do each of 6 drills for 3 minutes each, you will have done 18 minutes of high impact training. If there are five of you, it might take 20 minutes. If there are only two of you, do each drill more than once, or for 2 minutes per round perhaps. Keep the training high impact and conversation free. Only interject to “fix” students who are doing the drills incorrectly.

Part 1

Part 2

Lesson 2 Ikken

Here, I teach 3 basic ikken positions (I ran out of time to teach the 4th), but I recommend you make your training 18 minutes long, 3 minutes for position 1, 3 for position 2, and 3 for position 3, before starting over a second time, again. As the instructor, perhaps remind your students frequently to maintain the “image” they’re supposed to “keep in mind” and remind them what that image is. You will understand once you watch.


Lesson 2 Other

I hope you will learn sanchin, naifanchin shodan, and oshiro no kon bo kumi (partner exercise). I will teach all of them, but if your members already know the basic sequences, it will be far easier to teach. Above workout might be 20 minutes of basic kata (non stop), 20 minutes of face punch drills (non stop), and 20 minutes ikken (non stop). You will still have 40 minutes left to review sanchin, naifanchin, and the bo kumi.

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