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On June 12, The 2015 All Afghanistan Open Karate Tournament was held successfully in Herat City with participation of 140 fighters from 7 provinces of Afghanistan under the direct supervision of Country Representative and President Mohammad Seyar Azadani, 5th Dan, and Branch Chief Mohammad Qahar Azadani,4th Dan.

The following provincial branches of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan participated in this year All Afghanistan Open Karate Tournament (Open Weight Category): Herat, Farah, Ghazni, Kabul, Paktya, Khost, and Nangarhar.


Kumite Division

Champion: Hujatullah Samehzada – Herat Branch

2nd Place: Maqbool Shah Gardiwal -Nangarhar Branch

3rd Place: Faramarz Afghan – Herat Branch

4th Place: Safiullah Fahmi – Herat Branch

5th Place: Ahmad Sorab Saalaar – Herat Branch

6th Place: Nehmatullah Tahiri – Herat Branch

7th Place: Mohammad Zubair Alikozi – Herat Branch

8th Place: Ali Reza Rahimi – Herat Branch

Best Spirit/Best Fighter: Ahmad Sorab Saalaar

The top four fighters qualified for the 2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championships which will be held in Khabarovsk, Russia on 3-4 October, 2015.

Kata Division

Champion: Ali Reza Rahimi

2nd Place: Wahid Ahmad Azimi

3rd Place: Hujatullah Samehzada

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