Ligo Dojo Blog — 28 July 2013


The Ligo Dojo Technical Committee of 5 members was formed to innovate and strive to perfect materials Kancho Royama and Kyokushin-Kan’s Technical Committee under Shihan Hiroto Okazaki are pushing in order to “sharpen the blade” by supplementing our standard Kyokushin training with elements that were part of the original synthesis but that have been lost to the masses along the way. Kyokushin-Kan areas of focus are 1. Kata and Bunkai 2. Bukijitsu (weapons training) 3. Shinken Shobu (head punch defense/offense) 4. Ikken (Chi Training) 4. Striking of Hard Surfaces (Makiwara/Sunabukuro). At Ligo Dojo we supplement our Ikken training with Taikyokuken, and add a 6th point of focus: the refinement and perfection of manner (sempai/koohai) interaction.

We meet once per week for 2 hours, and all students agree 1. never to miss a Technical Committee class 2. to attend a minimum of 2 two-hour standard dojo trainings per week and 3. travel to Kyokushin-Kan’s International Instructors’ Seminar in Japan in March. Please note that only one of 4 students in this class might be considered a professional athlete, and that in a loose sort of way. Don Harris, although 34 years old and a father, is still ambitiously pursuing victory in full-contact competition. The other four of us, are 40 years old (plus or minus), and are pursing for the refinement and mastery of the art. Members of US Kyokushin, therefore, might note the way that this type of training can be incorporated into the dojo for ALL students, not just special ones, including (see below) training for face/head punch competition.

Kata and Bunkai

Bukijitsu (Weapons Training with Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Jo)
Shinken Shobu Training (Training for head punch defense/offense)


Sunabukuro (Sandbag training)

Ikken/Taikyokuken (Chi Training and Application)






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  1. OSU! Looking good! OSU!

    • Thanks Greg! Wish you were here with us! You know what they say . . . “where there’s a will . . .”

  2. Great training!
    Making it look simple but it can be very lethal when applied.

    • Thanks Jake. If you’re local, come join us!

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