Sensei Chinone  Shihan Bosman  Sensei Yamada

Sensei Chinone, Shihan Bosman, and Sensei Yamada.

The 2014 International Camp was held in the beautiful Jonkershoek (Mountains) in the wine producing farmlands of Stellenbosch.

This year we decided to focus on our junior karateka as well as on the visiting instructors from the countries in Africa as far as Congo and Zimbabwe. On Saturday we had an additional 100 younger children attend with the 160 who attended the weekend camp. That brought the total to 260 students.

One guest instructor, Sensei Yamada from Japan, concentrated on Kata and Bunkai. while the second, Sensei Chinone, concentrated on Iken, Ura waza and Kumite preparation. The camp was enjoyed by everyone and everyone felt that they learned a lot.

We hope that 2015 will be just as successful.

We would like to Thank the Instructors Sensei Chinone and Sensei Yamada for traveling such a long distance to share their knowledge with us.

It was and honour and a privilege.

Sensei's Yamad and Chinone

Sensei’s Yamad and Chinone.






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