Ligo Dojo Blog — 03 November 2013

SeinchinBunkaiHere are 8 bunkai for Seienchin that PRECEED the first of the three that Okazaki Shihan introduces in the Kyokushin-kan DVD showing Seienchin. All of these are bunkai drills that have been taught by Kancho Royama and/or Shihan Okazaki during Kyokushin-kan International Instructors’ Seminars in Japan. Please feel free to use them to supplement what’s on the DVD. As a dojo, Ligo Dojo students are working on Pinan Bunkai 1-10, but in our Technical Committee class, members are now required to know and practice these Seienchin bunkai 1-9 in addition to Pinan Bunkai 1-10.

Please note that in this morning’s class, I introduced 4 of these 9 for the first time, and the other 5 were introduced last week, for the first time, and that, only in the last 15 minutes of class . Hence, as you watch these students (one black belt, 2 yellow belts, and one orange belt) demonstrating these techniques, please understand that it is only the second class with have practiced half of them, and the first time they’ve practiced the rest. From this point forward they will drill them in every class, and presumably come to a deeper understanding of the kata, Seienchin. This is, after all, the purpose of our Technical Committee training.

Remember please, first and foremost, that MEMORIZING drills is never the goal of any training in Kyokushin. Here, in this group’s first exposure to these techniques, they “learned” them, now they must practice them many hundreds of times to come to understand them. We will introduce another 10 or so basic bunkai for Seinchin before Kancho’s seminar here in the US next summer. Perhaps in the end we’ll have about 20 for Seienchin alone. Osu!

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