Contributed by Hooi Yu Mun on Sept 23, 2014.
The 1st Malaysia Open Kyokushin-kan Bare Knuckle Karate Tournament concluded successfully at 7 pm on the 20th Sept 2014. Fighters came from Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan. In honour of Sosai’s tradition of inviting other martial arts to Kyokushin tournaments, we invited Muay Thai (Master Farid), Silat (Mahaguru Fathi and Mus) and Taekwondo (Master Kenneth) from Malaysia to participate in this full contact, bare knuckle tournament.

It was truly an eye opener to Malaysians who filled the SSTwo Mall’s atrium to watch the strongest karate battle it out with other martial arts.

The organizing committee of the 1st Malaysia Open Kyokushin-kan Bare Knuckle Karate Tournament would like to thank all who came to support our tournament. We would like to thank Sensei Sakurai personally for his advice and support to ensure the tournament ran smoothly. Please forgive any inconveniences and mistakes made along the way.

Thank you.



Children mixed class

1st place – Ryan Lee (Tropicana honbu)

2nd place – Mohd Hazeem (Tropicana honbu)

3rd place – Tristan Yap (Honbu PJ)

Boys <40kg

1st place – Ryota Sakai (Kyokushin)

2nd place – Ryu Lee Sing Yi (Kyokushin)

3rd place – Julius Tan Kai Yi (Taekwondo)

Boys >40kg

1st place – Yuki Sakai (Kyokushin)

2nd place – Bryan Yong Jun Wei (Kyokushin)

3rd place – Damian Ong Yu Zhen(Kyokushin)

Girls <40 kg

1st place – Daphne Yong Pui Wern (Honbu PJ)

2nd place – Jean (Honbu PJ)

3rd place – Loh Wen Teng (Honbu PJ)

Girls >40kg

1st place – Emi Lee (Honbu PJ)

2nd place – Lim Xin Yi (Honbu PJ)

3rd place – Hana Lee Ai Wei (Honbu PJ)



1st place – Keith Woon (Honbu Melaka)

2nd place – Eric Chung (Honbu PJ)

3rd place – Ken Neoh (Honbu PJ)

Men <60 kg

1st place – Anderson Hee (Kyokushin)

2nd place – Wong Zhan Kun (Kyokushin)

3rd place – Chong Jun Kin (Taekwondo)

Men <70kg

1st place – Ruslan Shalabayev (Katsu Dojo)

2nd place – Rowelter Retoriano (Philippines)

3rd place – Ronaldo Kid Tarigan (Indonesia)

Men <80 kg

1st place – Yohannes Herbowo Sumandito (Indonesia)

2nd place – Reza Fahrian (Indonesia)

3rd place – Nathan Chong Yew See (Malaysia)

Men Open

1st place – Behzad Jafari (Malaysia)

2nd place – Anthony Cole (Malaysia)

3rd place – Emmanuel V. Sanglap (Philippines)

Female Open

1st place – Manilyn D. Baac (Philippines)

2nd place – Greta Garda (Philippines)

3rd place – Luen Hui Mei (Malaysia)

Kyokushin vs Silat Tua

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