Contributed by Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan on Sept 3, 2014.

The 2014 All Afghanistan Open Karate Tournament was held successfully under the direct supervision of Mr. Mohammad Seyar Azadani, President & Country Representative of Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan, and Mr. Mohammad Qahar Azadani, Branch Chief of Kyokushin-kan International Honbu, on August 29, 2014 in Herat City. In this tournament, 32 top Kyokushin fighters from 10 provinces of Afghanistan were invited. The tournament was held with highest quality according to Kyokushin-kan International standards and Kyokushin World Union Rules.


Champion: Hujutullah Samehzada, Herat Province

2nd Place: Ahmad Shah Afzali, Herat Province

3rd Place: Maqboul Shah Gardiwal, Nangarhar Province

4th Place: Mohammad Sabour Azadani, Herat Province

5th Place: Safiullah Fahmi, Herat Province

6th Place: Hamed Shirin Sokhan, Herat Province

7th Place: Asadullah Nourzaei, Farah Province

8th Place: Abdul Ahad Naser, Herat Province

This tournament was sponsored by Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan. Congratulations to Kyokushin-kan Afghanistan branch for holding such a historical and impressive tournament.

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