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For non-Ligo Dojo students who are interested, contact contact Shihan Petrovich at the number provided on the flyer. Ligo Dojo students, however, talk to Sensei Ligo or your instructors. Remember that representatives from this dojo in Maine travel south to attend our tournament, so we should do our best to support theirs. Learn Budo karate spirit! If you don’t FEEL a desire to support your dojo, also by competing, something might be missing from your understanding of what’s here to be gained through karate training.

Remember that what’s good for you in the dojo, is also good for the dojo: You get stronger by leaps and bounds by competing, and the dojo gets stronger because you get stronger, and because you represent the dojo. It’s a two-way street. “Oh, a trip to a tournament . . . that’s not for me, I’ll wait till the next one in Durham,” is not the ideal budo karate attitude, because in karate training we always struggle to be first in all things that we do.

Of course if everyone fights to be first, no one really is first — don’t misunderstand, it’s not about showing that you’re best. But when everyone thus fights with a unified energy, a team is created in which everyone’s at the front of a growth curve, and there are no passive, half-engaged students to drag everyone else down. This is a key difference between Budo karate and the Western business-influenced alternative. Of course, not everyone can go, because of cost and scheduling, etc., but if you deny yourself getting to that point of considering those maybe actual barriers to strong performance, and decide prematurely that it’s not for you, you’re denying yourself one of the key mechanisms by which you are meant to get stronger and improve character through karate training. Cost for the weekend trip usually averages $200, plus meals. Cost determined by each participant paying an equal portion of expenses (van rental, gas, hotel, tournament entry fees), sometimes it’s a bit less, usually not more. It depends on how many people go. There are divisions for 6 years old through adults, just like our tournaments, and parents are invited to go if there’s room, but every year we take a number of kids without their parents. There will be plenty of adults along.

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