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Honbu Live News Stream


Contributed by Kyokushin-kan Honbu on July 7, 2016
FUNDRAISING TO BUY KYOKUSHIN-KAN’S NEW HONBU BUILDING We want to collect contributions for buying new Kyokushin-kan Honbu building. In order to take over the bequest of Sosai Mas Oyama, we Kyokushin-kan have been working with full strength till today to pursue and spread Budo Karate since its establishment in 2003. I hereby would like to thank you to many of those who supported Kyokushin-kan during this period. This summer, Kyokushin-kan is planning to move to a new building which is worthy of the headquarters of the world. However, we will start from renting the place. Therefore, I would like to ask you for contributions so that we can buy this building itself. Our mission is to leave the spirit of Sosai Oyama and Kyokushin name up to 50 to 100 years, and Kyokushin-kan Honbu will have to become a driving force behind. Upon purchasing the new Honbu building, I would like to thank you to everyone's kind understanding and cooperation. Osu! Hatsuo Royama Chairman of Kyokushin-kan
New Honbu (frontview)

New Honbu (frontview)

New Honbu (sideview)

New Honbu (sideview)

New Honbu (dojo)

New Honbu (dojo)

Kyokushin-kan Official Online Shop

Contributed by Kyokushin-kan Honbu on June 29, 2016
We hereby would like to inform that Honbu is moving to a new building in real near future. We will start from renting the place, however the building contains dojo, office and Uchideshi dormitory; and eventually we would like to purchase the building. Therefore we are raising funds by all means from our members throughout the world. Please check our newly opened online shop and we would appreciate if you can contribute Honbu by purchasing goods or simply donating from the fundraising content. Kyokushin-kan Official Online Shop: http://kyokushinkanshop.link/ (If you have access problem due to firewall or utm setting, please enter from here: http://vikramprajapti.jugemcart.com/) We will gradually increase the variety of items. We also appreciate if you can give us an idea of what you want us to sell in the future. We thank you very much for your kind attention and cooperation. Sincerely, Kyokushin-kan International Honbu (World Headquarters)

Gary Cooper Completes 3 Years Uchideshi Program in Kyokushin-kan Honbu

Contributed by Minoru Katae on March 24, 2016
Gary Cooper from U.S.A. (L.A. Dojo, Branch Chief: Sensei Tom Callahan) arrived Japan together with the other U.S. team for the first time to attend the International Karate Instructors Camp held in Tochigi from March 1st to 3rd, 2013. From the next day after the camp, Gary stayed in Honbu Dojo as Honbu Uchideshi (live in student) to train Karate in Japanese custom. Gary started Uchideshi as a brown belt but on the day of graduation, he completed 30 men Kumite and achieved a Nidan black belt. It is very difficult for a Westerner to complete Uchideshi program, not because of hard training but because of different custom - culture, language and environment. Aside from every day training, Uchideshis are required to clean the entire dojo, wash Sempai’s dogis, prepare food, study Japanese and many other miscellaneous works to maintain Honbu dojo and it’s activities. However, the most unfortunate thing that happened to Gary and other Uchideshis was on October 2014, when Honbu lost its own Dojo. It meant that they didn’t have place to train. After Honbu lost its Dojo, all the administrative works were moved in an apartment and Uchideshis were sent to nearby Branch Dojo (Hatogaya Dojo, Branch Chief: Sensei Kiyotaka Sakurai) with good will from its Branch Chief. Every Uchideshis were required to train on their own. Gary as the only senior Uchideshi, must have had hard time to maintain the motivation of his Kohai Uchideshis keeping up the discipline and training for himself. It must have been a battle for himself. As well as being headquarters, Honbu dojo faces the same challenges as all world branches. We are very optimistic Honbu will recover from this difficulty, and students like Gary will be here for us to carry the teaching into the future. The 3 years as Uchideshi might be long and indeed there are many events and memories that happened during this period, but moreover, we hope these experience will influence positively on Gary’s life. Congratulations Gary for completing the program. Osu!

Shihan Jose Millan

Contributed by Minoru Katae on March 2, 2016
We are very shocked and saddened by the news of our International Committee Chairman, Shihan Jose Millan, passing away on 29th of February at the age of 80. Shihan Millan was one of the first men who brought Kyokushin karate back to Spain. He came to Japan to practice Sosai Mas Oyama's karate in the early 1960's at "Oyama Dojo" before Kyokushin was established. He has resided in Japan for 40 years and dedicated his lifetime contributing to Kyokushin and Kyokushin-kan. Shihan Millan was a sempai of Kancho Royama's and always have been a very close friend and advisor. We think he will finally meet Sosai in heaven and have a long conversation since he loved to talk. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you Shihan Millan for all what you have taught. You will always live inside our heart. Big Osu! Kyokushin-kan International Honbu

Result of All Japan Karate tournament 2014

Contributed by Minoru Katae on Oct 29, 2014
All Japan Karate Tournament 2014 Oct 26th at Yoyogi Daini Stadium 1st Place: Masaki Fujii(Kyokushin-kan) 2nd Place: Tenta Onodera(Seibukaikan) 3rd Place: Yu Funasaki(Kyokushin-kan) 4th Place: Tadashi Takayama(Kyokushin-kan) 5th Place: Genki Takahashi(Kyokushin-kan) 6th Place: Ryusuke Yusa(Kyokushin-kan) 7th Place: Masazumi Nakayama(Kyokushin-kan) 8th Place: Shigeya Ueno(Kyokushin-kan) Best Spirit Award: Tadashi Takayama(Kyokushin-kan) Technical Award: Tenta Onodera(Seibukaikan)