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The Importance of Path over Perfection (Ligo Dojo Tech Committee – Lesson 10)

Here, below, is a video I put together on my latest flight to Japan, made up of just a few seconds of many of our technical committee activities, which I called “What is Kyokushin-kan?” But I [...]

Basic Boken, and Basic Sai Bunkai (Ligo Dojo Tech Committee – Lesson 9)

Our Ligo Dojo Tech Committee Lesson 9 will focus on basic boken and sai bunkai. As everyone knows, we now have sai, bo and tonfa kata in Kyokushin-kan. However, imitating kata from a video tape, copying [...]

Seienchin Bunkai 1-9 (Ligo Dojo Tech Committee – Lesson 8)

Here are 8 bunkai for Seienchin that PRECEED the first of the three that Okazaki Shihan introduces in the Kyokushin-kan DVD showing Seienchin. All of these are bunkai drills that have been taught by Kancho Royama [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 7 Starting with Pinan Bunkai

Here is the first US Tech Committee post made since our branch chief meeting in Connecticut last weekend, and the first one since Kancho Royama made his intent to come to the US next summer to [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 6 Taikyoku with Sai and Tonfa

There was some change to the composition of our Technical Committee chart this week since Sensei Omar Campora in Florida added a 5th member to his team, and Sensei Callahan in California replaced on of his [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 5 Bo Kihon

This week was an exciting week for our technical committee since I was actually able to train with Sensei Tom Callanhan’s new technical committee team in LA, and the instructional video was filmed with HIS students [...]

Training at Honbu with Mas Oyama

Here is a 9 minute clip from Japanese TV in 1991 showing two TV personalities who visit Honbu to learn about Sosai and Kyokushin. The video speaks for itself, but it is of particular interest to [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 4

This week marked the formation of a third technical committee team in the US, as Sensei Omar in Port St. Lucie formed his group this week. Sensei Callahan, who I’m visiting in LA next weekend, has [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Basic Tonfa Drills This week marked the formation of the first technical committee team outside of my dojo in NC. Sensei Callahan in California is our second technical committee member and his students, listed [...]

US Technical Committee Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Training Kata: How To You will note in the video below that I tell you how to practice kata, but that I also say that I WILL tell you in a later clip specific [...]

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