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NEWS! 1st Annual North American Technical Committee Seminar with Hiroshige Fuku-Kancho

Contributed by Ray Cormier and Nathan Ligo on Aug 21, 2014 Shihan Ishijima and Sensei Muratsubaki teaching Pinan Bunkai. Our Vice Chairman Fuku-Kancho Hiroshige. Shihan Ishijima, known for his mastery of kata and kihon. Shihan Fujiwara [...]

NEWS! The 29th Annual ACKK Beach Clinic 2014

Contributed by Shihan Ray Cormier on Aug 1, 2014 The 29th annual ACKK Beach clinic was held on July 19th, 2014 with the dojos from around New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia! Hosted by Shihan Ray Cormier , [...]

NEWS! Acerca de Kancho Royama, Kyokushin-kan y el desarrollo de nuestro Karate.

Contributed by Mauricio Carranza, Kyokushin-kan Country Representative of Costa Rica. Comencé a practicar Karate por ahí de 1994. No puedo mentir y necesito decir que en ese momento cuando entre a un dojo Kyokushin a la [...]

New Shodans at Kyokushin kan St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada.

Content Contributed by Stephane Marcotte Sensei . Congratulations to all my new shodans for all your hard work! You make your best in the future, too. Gambatte kudasai OSU !! Sensei Stephane Marcotte! [...]

NEWS! Gaisshuku Kyokushin-kan Canada Quebec .

Content Contributed by Sensei Stephane Marcotte Info open to all Osu! Stephane Marcotte Sensei! [...]

Kyokushin-kan Los Angeles Sunday training

Content Contributed by Sensei Tom Callahan Sensei Tom Callahan in a Branch Chief of Kyokushink-Kan International under Kancho Hatsuo Royama in Japan. His branch is located in Los Angeles, CA where he is currently US Kyokushin-Kan’s [...]

Support Shihan Fujiwara’s October 12, 2013 Tournament in Connecticut!

Content Contributed by Rachelle Mukai. On behalf of Shihan Kenji Fujiwara of Japanese Karate, Inc, I cordially invite you and your students to participate in our 5th Annual Japanese Karate Kyokushin-kan Semi/Full Contact Tournament.  This year we are happy [...]

Images from Shihan Marty Petrovich’s June 2013 Belt Test in Maine, USA

Great belt test given by everyone. I was really impressed. The weather held out and we ended up having a nice coolish day/night. It could of been a lot worse (the weather). Thanks to all the [...]

Sensei Tom Callahan and Kyokushin-kan Los Angeles, CA

Check out this video from a couple years back of the great work being done by Sensei Tom Callahan and Kyokushin-kan LA. A lot of weight on this guy’s shoulders, being our only West Coast representative! [...]